Wk13 – Classmate Conversation –Madeline Perez



For this week’s classmate conversation, I had the pleasure of interviewing one of my best friends, Madeline Perez, aka Maddie. Maddie and I have known each other for about a year now, but I don’t necessarily know everything about her, so I decided to interview her. Maddie is a second year Hospitality Major, who wants to be an event planner in the future. Her birthday is August 2, 1996, and her favorite colors are pink and deep reds. She has two siblings, Alex (23) and Natalie (21), and commutes from Whittier, CA to CSULB. Maddie is definitely as dog person, who wants and loves corgis. Her favorite food, right now, is Korean Barbeque. I asked her what she likes to do, and Maddie likes to hangout out with her boyfriend, Michael, friends, and family, especially her grandmother. She also likes to eat, work at Lush, play with animals, sing, and watch Friends. In ten years, she hopes that she is married and maybe has kids. She also hopes that she is a successful event planner, who has a corgi, a pug, and her own place.

For the question of the week, which asks which type of art has impacted our lives, Maddie said that music has made a great impact on her life. She said her dad would play old music around the house, which is why she loves older type of music, like artists the Cure and David Bowie. Maddie remembers going to Ikea a lot and listening to a lot of different music with her dad and siblings after her mom’s passing. Music is very special to Maddie and her favorite music artist right now is Regina Spektor.

It was really nice finding out things I did not know about Maddie before this interview, and I hope we continue being such great friends for years to come!

Shout out to the real one!

If you want to see what Maddie’s up to, click the link! https://madsmariees.wordpress.com/



Wk14 – Artist Conversation – Sery Kwon


For this week’s artist conversation, I had the pleasure of speaking again with talented and creative Sery Kwon (a link to our previous conversation). Her art was displayed in a group show named “Transference,” which showcased the art of Senior Drawing and Painting Majors. The show is held in the Max L. Gatov Gallery West.

When walking into the gallery, paintings filled the room, with different themes and a variety of colors. One of the artworks did not seem like the others. It had shredded black and white pieces of canvas and little acrylic paint splattered on it. I was curious about the piece, and it turned out that the artist was someone I had already interviewed before, Sery Kwon.

For this particular piece, Sery said that she was inspired by her favorite 20151203_193930031_iOSartist, Mark Bradford. She was also wanted the piece, which is called “Behind You,” to be different compared to the other pieces in the gallery that were traditionally painted. The concept of the piece was for it to be a map within a map. To make the piece, Sery first painted the canvas, cut and ripped the material, arranged it, and then used acrylic paint on it again. Another really cool thing about the painting is that the back of the piece is painted red, which reflects on the wall it was hung on. “Behind You” took about one month to complete.

Sery also had two other paintings displayed in the gallery, named “Hidden Paths” and “Uh Oh,” which shared her common theme of maps like her art in her previous gallery.

Overall, I really enjoyed seeing Sery’s art and speaking with her again. She has such an unique style that I appreciate very much. I hope to see more of Sery’s work in the future!


Sery in front of “Behind You”

To see more of Sery’s work and works in progress check out her website: http://serykwon.weebly.com/

Wk13 – Classmate Conversation – Julia Hodgdon



For this week’s classmate conversation, I had the pleasure in meeting Julia Hodgdon. She is a second year Pre-Social Work major, who wants to work with kids or in gerontology in the future. Julia said that she could either work in prisons, as a counselor, or have her own private practice. She also told me that her mom is actually a social worker in a prison. More about her family, she has one older brother, who is twenty-one years old, and a younger sister who is seventeen. Since she was a middle child, I asked her how it was, and she replied saying that she is expected to be good, not be the problem child, and that she does not get as much attention, but she said she was cool with that. Besides being the middle child, I asked her if her sister looks like her, since I have a theory that the eldest child looks like the mom, the second child looks like the dad, and the youngest looks like the second child the most. Yet, my theory did not work with her family, since her younger sister was adopted. I then asked where she is from, and Julia replied saying that she is from the Pasadena area. I asked her if CSULB was her first choice, and she said that she wanted to go to SDSU or Santa Cruz at first. Unfortunately, she did not connect with the campus. Luckily, CSULB was closer to home, which was great since it was easier for her to travel home, and exuded a feel that she really liked, thus why she studies here. Some of Julia’s hobbies are finding and listening to new music, hanging out with friends, going on adventures since she is down to do anything, going to concerts, and eating. For now, pizza is her favorite food since it is always something good to eat. I asked her if she was a dog or cat person, and she replied saying that she is a cat person, and has two cats, one dog, and one huge tortoise that eats a lot. I then asked her what kind of music she likes, and Julia replied saying that she likes indie music and a little bit of EDM the most, but she can actually listen to mostly everything, except country. As for concerts, she recently went to the Outsidelands music festival in San Francisco.

For the question of the day, regarding our view of art before and after the class, Julia answered saying that she just thought art was just paintings and pictures. Now, she believes that art can be anything with meaning in a creative form.

It was really cool meeting Julia, and since she lives in the dorms too, I hope to talk to her more in the future! To see what she’s up to, click the link! https://juliahodgdon.wordpress.com/


Wk13 – Artist Conversation – Tyler Turett



For this week’s artist conversation, I had the pleasure in speaking with the talented and creative Tyler Turett. His work was displayed in the Max 20151119_194556936_iOSL. Gatov Gallery East, along with the works of other Animation/Illustration majors.

When walking into the gallery, sketches and storyboards filled the room. Either in color and black and white, each artwork had its own whimsical feeling. For one of the art displays, a figure that seemed to be made out a clay and a book and pen were on top of a tiny self. Above the shelf, a black and white storyboard with mice, cartoon scenes, and character designs of frogs were present. Thankfully, next to all of these things was the artist, Tyler. I then began to interview him.20151119_194559844_iOS

The artist, Tyler Turett, an Animation artist from Huntington Beach who is currently in his last semester at CSULB, said his inspirations for is art are the numerous amounts of cartoons and old animated movies he watched as a child. He was always interested in animation, thus deciding to major in the subject in college. He admited that he learned how to design and draw correctly at CSULB, and that anyone can learn how to animate. Tyler also said that Toy Story was his favorite movie of all time.

20151119_194605251_iOSCurrently, Tyler is interning at Shadow Machine studios, which is based in Hollywood and works with major television companies like Comedy Central and MTV. The company also works with Netflix, specifically animating the show “Bojack Horseman.” As an intern, he will be working on panels for a new show called “Jeff and Some Aliens” in a month of two. For the future, Tyler plans to hopefully work with Shadow Machine and then later work with bigger studios. He also admits that he will go with the flow and see where the future takes him, as long as he continues to animate and make money.

Personally, I love cartoons. I grew up watching cartoons when I was younger, and have always had an appreciation in how the drawings come to life. Even now, I still enjoy them. Besides the art, I have a deep respect for artists, like Tyler, who are pursuing their dreams and continuing to be creative in their adulthood. Cartoons are constantly said to be for kids, but I beg to differ.

Well, I really enjoyed Tyler’s work, and I hope to see more from him in the future!


If you want to check out Tyler’s work and works in progress, click the link! http://tylerturett.wix.com/tylerturettanimation


Wk12 – Classmate Conversation – Serina Khoury



For this week’s classmate conversation, I had the pleasure of meeting Serina Khoury. She is a second year Human Development major, who wants to become a physician’s assistant. Serina commutes from Redondo Beach, and actually stayed in the dorms on campus last year. She like to play volleyball, go to the beach, hangout with family and friends, and watch movies. Serina’s favorite movie is She’s the Man, and her favorite food is sushi. We then talked about volleyball and how we both played, and I found out that her roommate from last year was on the same club team as her, and that she plays the position of libero. I later found out that her ethnicity is Syrian, and that she has two older sisters, who are twenty-four and twenty, and are her best friends.

When I asked her the question of the day, regarding what colors calm and activate her, Serina said that pastel colors calm her, while the color ocean blue activates her.

It was really cool meeting Serina, and I hope to be able to talk with her in the future! To see what she’s up to, click the link! http://serinakperiody.com/

Wk12 – Artist Conversation – Christopher Linquata



For this week’s artist conversation, I had the pleasure of speaking with the talented and detailed Christopher Linquata. He and another artist, Mike, collaborated ideas and created a show is called “Sacred & Profane.” Christopher’s art is displayed in the Max L. Gatov Gallery West.

20151112_191048471_iOSWhen walking into the gallery, four large paintings are hung on the walls, while small three painted panels are laid on a shelf. Each painting had a background of a beach that contained ruins in it. Besides the constant background, familiar faces were in each painting, especially the artist’s. Seeing Christopher in each painting intrigued me enormously, considering that he and others were doing very specific actions in some paintings. I needed to find out what his art was about.

The artist, Christopher Linquata, a representational drawing/painting major who is in his last semester at CSULB, said his acrylic paintings were based off sacred and religious scenes. He, in general, paints theological scenes, and, interestingly, used to be a religious icon major. 20151112_190957186_iOSEach painting is based off of either a religious or classical scene. One of the paintings was his version of Jesus praying in the Garden of Gethsemane, with Christopher being Jesus, while another was that representing when 20151112_191020413_iOSHercules was killed by his father, again with the artist being the main character. Besides being inspired by theological and sacred scenes, Christopher is also inspired by nature and by the artist Piero Della Francesca. The three panels he painted, which is a portrait of him, his wife, and son, were actually references to Francesca’s style. Alongside his inspirations, Christopher’s backgrounds were that of real places. He chose to paint the scenery of
the ruins in San Pedro, and also shared that he knows each person personally that he painted in each painting. It took Christopher ten months to complete all of his paintings. 20151112_191013934_iOS

Besides his art in the gallery, Christopher, who is from Los Angeles, has been drawing his whole life. He later plans/wants to be a selling artist, and 20151112_191042094_iOSpossibly become a teacher.

Personally, I really enjoyed Christopher’s work, and how he made modern versions of classical and religious scenes. Being raised Catholic and a product of Catholic school, I was very familiar to these scenes. Each brought back a memory of what I studied before, and left me to be a little nostalgic.

Overall, Christopher’s art left a great impression on me, and I hope to see more of his work in the future!


To see more of Christopher’s work and works in progress check out his Facebook and Instagram.

Wk12 – Activity – ePortfolio


my header picture before

For this week’s activity, the class of Art 110 had to make ePortfolios. Instead of our regular website, where all our blog posts are present, we had to make a new website that either showcased our major, career goals, or our interests.  One of my biggest interests is movies, especially those made by Quentin Tarantino. So, I decided to transform my blog into a Quentin Tarantino film website.

header and profile

my header and profile picture before

new header

my new header, profile picture, and background border

The first thing I decided to change of my website was my header. From a picture of succulents that I took about three years ago, I changed my header to a picture of one of the ending scenes in Quentin Tarantino’s film Kill Bill: Vol. 2. Besides the header, I also changed my profile picture to that pertaining to the film Pulp Fiction, and changed the color boarder of my blog to go along with my header and profile picture.

about meBesides changing the appearance of my blog slightly, I also created an About Me page, which contains information on how I got into Quentin Tarantino films and what I like about them. Alongside my about page, I decided to WordPress some other users’ posts which I think would be useful on my website. post 2 post 1

Overall, I want my website to cater to an audience that appreciates film, especially Quentin Tarantino’s. I would occasionally post my own opinions on his films and share the news heard on others, which shows my great interest in the art form made by the writer/director himself.

In the end, I really enjoyed making my website more personal, especially one that shows my interests. Hopefully, I continue updating this blog, since I do forget to document my thoughts as I watch a new movie or rewatch a classic. Yet, we’ll see what’s left to come!

About Me


Hi, my name is Jackie Bautista, and I am a huge fan of the writer/director Quentin Tarantino. The first Tarantino film I ever watched was Kill Bill: Vol. 1. I was still pretty young when I watched the movie, but something about the pace and cinematography intrigued me to Tarantino’s film making enormously. Yet, despite watching Kill Bill: Vol. 1 first, my favorite film of his, of all time, has to be Pulp Fiction. The writing and dialogue in the movie are so clever, and the way the three different types of stories weaved together was made intricately and incredibly. I first watched Pulp Fiction fully about three years ago, while on a trip to Big Bear for the New Year’s holiday. After watching this movie at the age of sixteen, alongside taking a Video Production class in high school, I became immersed in seeing all of Tarantino’s creations. As of now, I have seen most of his films, from one of his first being Reservoir Dogs to his recent one, Django Unchained. Besides his works, I am very excited to see his newest film, The Hateful Eight.

Overall, I am simply a girl who loves to watch and blog about Quentin Tarantino films. Welcome!