Wk2 – Activity – Plaster Casting


Recently, I went to the beach with my friends Maddie and Ina. We went there to do something we have never done before: plaster casting. I have never plastered anything ever, and was super excited to see how this project would turn out.

On September 2, 2015, after finishing our classes for the day, Maddie drove us from campus to Seal Beach. The drive was quick, and thankfully, we were able to score free parking close to the beach. We walked over with our buckets, and found a nice spot near the water, between the dry sand and the waves.

After settling down for a few minutes, we were ready to start the activity. Maddie borrowed her boyfriend’s garden shovel, and dug her hole first. 20150902_215135561_iOSAfter helping her make her hand mold, it was my turn. I used the shovel as well, and made sure to dig a deep enough hole, which 20150902_214656498_iOSsurprisingly took a few minutes longer than expected. Finally, Ina helped pack wet sand on my arm to make the mold. I carefully tried to wiggle my arm out of the sand, and successfully did so.

20150902_215246235_iOSNext, we made the plaster. Individually, we filled our
buckets with the full boxes of plaster, and used that box to measure and put water into the mixture. Stirring quickly for a few minutes, the plaster was ready. I poured the plaster carefully into the mold, until it was completely filled. Maddie filled hers right after, and we waited for about twenty five minutes.

Judging that it was ready, I dug my 20150902_221109433_iOSsculpture out carefully. When I finally got it out of the sand, I did not expect it to be so heavy! I then tried to dust off sand with the paint brush, which made me feel like an archaeologist discovering a new bone. Particles of sand stayed stuck to the surface of the sculpture, thus giving it a really cool texture. Overall, my plaster hand came out pretty well, except for the fact that I was missing my fourth finger. I think this happened became I may have made some sand collapse in the mold while I was trying to take my hand out.

In the end, the plaster casting was a success, and we had so much fun making them! Now, I have a new decoration for my room, but I do not know where to put it yet. I’ll figure that out later.20150902_222000636_iOS


Plaster High Five


the finished product!

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