Wk3 – Activity – Social Photography


For this week’s activity, on Thursday, September 10, the students of Art 110 had to post at least four or more pictures of their day on Instagram. Students were advised to post pictures from 12:01 am to 11:59pm, and use the hashtag #art110f15, in order to collectively see what everyone posted.insta1

Since it was the class’ first time meeting and my first time going to the student art galleries on campus, my first Instagram post of the day was of one of the art projects in the Marilyn Werby Gallery.


My second post was a picture of the view I had while I was lying down on the grass, before my next class started. I was surprised that there were others sitting and lying down as well, so I decided that I might as well take a picture and join them.

My next post was a picture of the lightsinsta3 that hang in my dorm room. While it being my second year dorming, my roommate and I wanted to go all out with decorating. We hung the lights a few weeks ago, and are very pleased with the ambiance it gives our room, especially during the night time. Today, while I was writing this post, the lights randomly fell. I tried to put them up again, and failed, so I think I’ll fix them when my roommate comes back tomorrow.

My last post of the day was a picture of my friend Maddie while we walked to our next classes on campus. The weather seemed unbearable this past Thursday, and I had to commemorate a picture to this heat wave we’ve been having in Long Beach.

Overall, while looking through all the pictures that had the #art110f15 hashtag, I feel like there is a connection to what we all, the students, have been posting. I saw that most posted pictures of the four art galleries we went into, while others posted pictures of food, Netflix, and how hot the day was. Besides these common trends, which were mostly focusing on what was happening in the students’ daily lives, there were a few standouts, like posts where people went out to relatively far locations, like the LA County Fair or LACMA. Despite all the pictures ranging from scenery to selfies, the art 110 hashtag brought together a community of people that all go to the same school. Yes, the pictures may seem disconnected, but it shows how unique everyone’s perspectives and lives are, and how diverse our campus really is. No two pictures were the same, and I liked it that way.

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