Wk4 – Activity – Painting


For this week’s activity, I used spray paint for the very first time. I was excited to use this medium since the beginning of the semester, and surprisingly time flew by, and it was finally time to use it. I was hoping to actually visit to the Venice Beach Legal Art Walls for this project, but since I did not have any free time on Saturday, when the walls were legally open, I was not able to go. Not painting on an actual wall was kind of a bummer, but I was still looking forward to the activity.


getting settled

On Thursday, September 17, 2015, I decided to follow through with my project. After finishing my classes that day, my roommate and I took all the materials I needed to a grass lawn behind one of the dorm buildings. I live on campus, and did not have a backyard I could conveniently paint in, so, I felt it was best to spray paint on grass instead of concrete since it would be hard to 12041797_10206397556791327_539350849_nremove the paint from the hard surface. Setting my bucket, which had the spray paint cans I was going to use, down on the grass, I put newspaper down under the cardboard panel I was going to paint on. 12032438_10206397555831303_1140287128_nThe cardboard was originally a box, so I duct taped the edges, and wrapped it with newspaper, in order to have a smoother surface to paint on.

After having a hard time figuring out that there were safeties on the cans,
I was ready to paint. I first sprayed the cardboard panel, spelling out my 12016444_10206397553311240_279467766_nname with pink paint. After spraying my name for a few minutes, I made shadows in my name with purple paint, and then sprayed gold paint for the background. In pictures, one could easily read my name from the piece of cardboard, but in person, my name looked like blobs. So to make it look 12026435_10206397552271214_1869120613_nbetter, I ended up outlining the letters fully with the purple paint. I later made waves on the bottom of my board with blue paint, and put a shine to my letters with the gold paint.

12041812_10206397552111210_1454597911_nIn the end, my bubble letters came out better than expected! I have painted before, but not with the spray cans. Being precise and painting small lines are really hard to do, unless you are experienced with the medium. I will admit that I did have difficulty spray painting a few times, especially when I wanted to make a clean line. Instead of a nice line, a blob of paint would manage to come out of the can instead, messing a piece of my name up. Thankfully, spray paint can be layered without being mixed, so I was able to fix my mistakes fairly easily. Overall, I had a lot of fun spray painting my name in bubble letters, and will most likely be using these spray cans for project in the near future.

Here are pictures of me with the finished product!
12016534_10206397549831153_24164232_n        12033571_10206397549351141_2104169561_n  12041889_10206397549711150_1093854640_n

Also, shout out to my roommate Hope Daley for documenting me during the whole activity!

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