Wk4 – Classmate Conversation – Cameren Johnson


20150917_185324256_iOSFor this past week’s classmate conversation, I was able to meet and speak with Cameren Johnson. She is a third year Accounting major, and plans to work in a firm after she graduates. I asked her if art mattered, and she replied saying that art matters because it is a way of being creative. Also, besides all the work, there has to be some fun in life.

Some interesting facts about Cameren are that she is half Japanese and half Black and travels to Japan every five years. She can also speak a little Japanese, but, like me with Tagalog (the national language of the Philippines), understands it more. For fun, Cameren likes to watch Netflix and to run. She uses running as an escape from reality, and only recently started to use running as a way to clear her head. Besides her hobbies, she is from San Diego, and lives in an apartment in Long Beach. I asked her why she chose to study at CSULB, and she replied saying that she wanted to be away from home, but not too far away. During the conversation, I found out that Cameren and I shared a lot of interests, and surprisingly we both found out that she lived in the same dorm room, that currently I live in, during her first year of college. What are the odds!?

Well, it was really nice getting to know Cameren, and I hope we get a chance to chat soon!

If you want to check her website out, click the link! https://camjohns3.wordpress.com/

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