Wk5 – Classmate Conversation – Carolina De la Torre


20150927_220331000_iOSThis past Thursday, I had the pleasure of meeting Carolina De la Torre. She is a second year Pre-Kinesiology major, who wants to become a nurse. She is from Compton, and commutes two days out of the week to CSULB, and the other two days to El Camino College Compton Center. She loves to eat, and her favorite type of food is Thai food, with her favorite dish being Thai spicy seafood soup. She also likes to go out with friends, and makes any type of situation into an adventure, like a simple trip to the grocery store.

When I asked her what she “swims” in, she replied saying that she is swimming in a current that she is expected to swim. She is expected by her family to go to school, and then go to graduate school. Yet, even though she is swimming in a path that is expected, Carolina chooses to do so since it is a way to grow, and a way to move out of her area. Also, she believes that going to school will prove to her parents, who immigrated from Mexico to the United States in order for their children to have better opportunities, that they made the right choice in moving here and that their hard work was worth it. She also told me that her area is mostly filled with Hispanics and African Americans, and that when she came to CSULB, she was finally exposed to many other cultures, and that she liked the diversity on campus.

Well, it was really nice meeting Carolina officially because we are both in the same ASL class. We exchanged numbers, and thankfully, now have someone who I can ask questions to for both Art 110 and Linguistics 151!

If you want to check Carolina’s website out, click the link! https://delatorrecaro.wordpress.com/

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