Wk6 – Activity – Identity Art


For this week’s activity, I got to try out the new application Periscope. Periscope is an application, made by the creators of Twitter, where one can record a video of themselves or what they are doing and broadcast it live. During this live stream, other users can comment on or “heart” the live video, making the live “vlogging” (video blogging) an interactive experience. Lastly, the video can then be replayed/seen twenty four hours
after it is broadcast. I first used this application this past Thursday night 20151002_045007000_iOSwhile I was studying for my Chemistry test, and one word that I would use to describe that experience is: interesting.

Honestly, using Periscope on my phone was very difficult. I have an iPhone 4, which, based off of how new iPhones debut every year, is a very outdated phone. To make it worse, my phone is slow, and made my broadcasts slow and choppy. Anyways, all I did during my first scope was study for my test with some music playing, 20151004_213418000_iOSwhich I did not think people would be interested in. I only had one viewer at the time, and ended the video in confusion, asking myself what the point of this application is.

To explore Periscope even more, I decided to watch other people’s Periscopes, starting with some people from my class The first I watched was from a girl from Art 110 named Kim Pham who went to the mall, and 20151004_213541000_iOShad her makeup done with her friend. Throughout the video, Kim and her friend stopped by perfume salespeople and ventured throughout the mall. The next one I watched was from another classmate named Christa who basically talked about how she finally bought a new phone after having an iPhone 4 and people asking why she did not have a newer model. I totally related to her on 20151004_214339000_iOSa deeper level since I am experiencing what she talked about now and how I am waiting for my time to finally get a new phone. The last classmate I checked out was Jasmynn Nguyen, who is also the classmate I interviewed this week. I watched a stream of her doing her makeup routine, which I loved since I am interested in using other types or makeup, besides my usual go to: eyeliner and lipstick.

Next, I decided to watch Periscopes from people 20151004_220849000_iOSwho are not in Art 110. The first Periscope I watched was from a guy named Sam Sheffer who simply was recording himself skateboarding through New York City. It was really cool because he showed the city while he was skating and the fact that I want to visit New York very badly. The next Periscope I watched was from user Vickienatale who live streamed her hike to the top of the 20151004_221135000_iOSBreakneck Ridge Trail in upstate New York. The view of the lake, mountains, and sunset were beautiful and made me want to visit that trail as well. Lastly, I watched user Cutiestare paint a beautiful painting20151004_221706000_iOS with water colors for about ten minutes. I really liked how many people interacted with each Periscope user,
especially while helping Cutiestare pick a color that would compliment the hair in her painting.

After watching six Periscopes, I decided to try broadcasting myself again. I simply streamed myself 20151004_215724000_iOSrelaxing in my dorm room and singing along to the music I was listening to. When I ended, I looked at my statistics from the video, and surprisingly found out that a significant amount of people watched my video live and during the replay. 20151004_223112000_iOS

In the end, even after trying it a few times, I do not think that Periscope is for me. I do think that it similar to the Instagram activity where the application lets us into other people’s daily lives, relating random people to each other, but I do not think it is necessary to see what people are doing all the time. However, I think Periscope could be used effectively for collaboration purposes or for a classroom setting, since people can interact with the main collaborator or professor through the comment section. Besides collaboration, I feel like Periscope is making people too connected, which is not always the best thing. Even Bree Olsen, who is one of the top three Periscope users, has had strangers find out where she lives, and I am not down for people to find out very personal information about me.

People should use Periscope if they enjoy it, but I think I’ll be sticking with Instagram and Snapchat.     

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