Wk6 – Classmate Conversation – Jasmynn Nguyen



This past Thursday, I had the pleasure of meeting Jasmynn Nguyen. She is a third year Child Development major, who wants to work with disabled kids in a hospital setting or as a child life specialist. Jasymnn is from Westminister and commutes from there to CSULB. I asked her what she likes to do, and she automatically answers that school and work take up all her time. Besides that fact, she likes to watch Netflix, eat, shop, and go to concerts. She is going to the Coachella music festival next year, and I’m so jealous since I have been wanting to go to that festival for a few years now. Hopefully, I will able to go in the near future. Besides concerts, she also likes to drive and explore new places. While I told her that I liked to hike for fun, she openly admitted that she hates to hike and exercise because she is lazy. I totally understand her though because I can sometimes be that way as well. I noticed that she had really nice light brown eyes, so I asked her what her ethnicity is. She answered that she was Vietnamese and a little French, which explains her light pretty eyes.

I then asked her the question of the day regarding how color and emotions are related, and she agrees with me saying that we are taught from a young age that certain colors relate to certain emotions, like blue correlates with sadness. She also said that our age it is hard to dissociate these colors from emotions and that they will always have that meaning attached to them. Another example being black correlating with being goth or emo, or having bright colors on equaling to being flamboyant. She ended her answer saying that a color is just a color.

We then talked about Periscope and she said that she thought it was okay, but it is another application that makes people too into other people’s lives, rather than their own. We both thought that it was like the concept of vlogging, but instead of it being edited and about past events, it was live.

Well, it was really cool meeting Jasmynn and I hope I get to talk to her in the future!

If you want to check out Jasmynn’s website out, click the link!  http://jasmynnkae.com/

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