Wk7 – Activity – Ephemeral Art


For this week’s activity, the class of Art 110 had to use Snapchat. Snapchat is an application where the user can take pictures or videos and send it to their friends/other users. These videos and pictures last between one to ten seconds before disappearing, depending on the user’s viewing limit preference. The pictures and videos can be drawn on, have emoticons placed on them, or have geofilters that can tell where the snap was taken. Besides only lasting a few seconds, users can decide to put these moments on their “story” which will let the snap last and seen by their friends for the next twenty four hours.

I decided to complete my activity yesterday, October 10, 2015, because I actually went out that night. My friend and I went to the opening party of the 20151011_020209000_iOSfourth Giant Robot Beinnale exhibit, which was held in the Japanese American National Museum in Little Tokyo. I wanted to go since one of my favorite artists, Audrey Kawasaki, had two paintings displayed in the exhibition. The first snap I decided to take was 20151012_014253000_iOSof the long line my friend and I waited in order to go in. The next snap I decided to take was of the big sign of the event, so my friends who follow me know that it was the event I was going to.

I took other snaps that night as well, like a snap of one of Audrey’s painting that was displayed, and another snap of my friend and I in front of a huge mirror in the women’s bathroom. In general, I love using Snapchat because it lets one’s friends see what you did that day/night and one’s story goes away after twenty four hours, unlike Instagram, where a picture is there for as long as you want it to be.

20151012_014053000_iOS    20151012_014207000_iOS

To see what my friends have been snapping, I decided to see what my20151011_071326000_iOS
friend Maddie was up to. Her story that same Saturday night began with her shopping for lush products online (where she was really treating 20151011_071353000_iOSherself). She then posts a selfie of her makeup, which always manages to be perfect, and ends the
night by baking some brownies because she had a bad day, which is always a great way to make one feel better.

Overall, I do believe that Snapchat, in general, is similar and mimics the famous conversations between Matisse and Picasso and John Berger and John Christie because it is used as an alternative to communicate besides the traditional way of face to face speaking. Like Matisse and Picasso, who sent messages through paintings, snaps can be drawn on and sent with an array of colors and doodles. And like John Berger and John Christie, who sent letters to each other, snaps can contain text to convey a message, either on the actually picture/video or through direct message.

I think that the Instagram, Periscope, and Snapchat activities all share two common purposes: to show what people do in their daily lives and to connect people through these experiences. With these purposes, the three activities basically had the same layout, where lives were shown through either picture or video. Yet, how these pictures and videos were seen and posted varied. In general, all three applications have different layouts and posting/viewing styles.

Honestly, I enjoyed the Snapchat activity the best because Snapchat is the most informal and laid back application to use. I can draw, customize, and take a snap any way I want, without the worry of people judging the angles of my picture, like on Instagram, and strangers seeing these pictures, like on Periscope.

I love using Snapchat, and will most likely use it for a long time. Well, until the next best application comes out.

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