Wk8 – Classmate Conversation – Adrian Caluya


20151015_184402609_iOSThis past Thursday, I had the pleasure of meeting Adrian Caluya. He is a fifth year Electrical Engineering major, who is interning in Irvine. After graduating this year, he plans on finding a job in audio. Adrian is Filipino, from Stockton, and moved to Long Beach about five years ago. He actually lived in the dorms for his first year of college, and now lives in an apartment. I asked him what he likes to do for fun, and he answered saying that he likes to skateboard and play the guitar. I also found out that he likes to go to concerts and musical festivals as well when we talked about our experiences watching Kanye West at the FYF music festival. His favorite food is sandwiches, especially from a place in Northern California called Ike’s Place. I asked what kind of sandwiches they are and Adrian replied saying that they are kind of like the packed delicious sandwiches of Fat Sal’s, but, in a sense, more of a craft sandwich. We ended up talking about why we chose our majors, and Adrian replied saying that he became an engineering major because he enjoys understanding how things work. I then asked if he was a dog or cat person, and he answered saying that he likes both, but is more of a dog person. Interestingly enough, he does own a cat in his apartment since dogs are not allowed there. His favorite type of dog is the wiener dog.

When asked the question of the day regarding which art from any of the galleries reminds you of something, Adrian answered that the pottery art, which was in the Gatov Gallery West, reminded him of the pottery that is in the Hercules movie.

Well, it was really cool meeting Adrian and I hope I get to talk to him again in the future!

If you want to check out Adrian’s website, click the link! https://adriancaluya.wordpress.com/  

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