Wk9 – Activity – Transmedia Storytelling


For this week’s activity, the class of Art 110 had to explore the world of Transmedia Storytelling. Transmedia Storytelling is basically telling a story or experience over multiple platforms and formats, like over different books, events, movies, and websites. I worked with my friend Maddie for this activity, and we decided to create our characters, Charlie and Sam.

Character Analysis: Charlie Greenchaaaarlie

Charlie Green is a regular 18 year old guy, starting his first year of college at University of California Santa Barbara. He is from Laguna Beach, California and had been with his girlfriend Sam for about two years. Due to his love of science, Charlie chose to major in Bio Chemistry. He was a very good student during high school, and actually graduated at the top five percentile of his senior class. Charlie wanted to get the most of his first year of college and joined a fraternity. He is having a great time and is glad that he
went to college in Santa Barbara.

img_7396 (1)  img_7398

Character Analysis: Samantha Robertsonsr

Samantha Robertson, also known as Sam, is an ordinary seventeen year old girl, who is a senior at Laguna Beach High School. She has been in a relationship with her boyfriend, Charlie, for about two years, and is deeply in love with him. Sam cares about Charlie a lot, and can come off as protective, and a bit obsessive. After high school, Sam is also an excellent student and would also like to get into UCSB, majoring in International Business. Besides Charlie, Sam loves the season Autumn, Starbucks, and shopping.

img_7411  img_7373

Their Story:sandc

Since Charlie’s move to Santa Barbara after graduating high school, Sam has become more protective over her boyfriend. She is very happy that Charlie was accepted into a good school, but is sad that she would not be able to see him as often as she did before. The two of them tend to get into fights over the smallest things, which overall hurts their relationship. With her over-protectiveness over her boyfriend and the fact that he moved away from her, Sam consistently monitors over Charlie’s social media accounts, like Snapchat and Twitter.img_7400

One night, Sam has the idea to visit Charlie in Santa Barbara. She drives three hours to see him, and when she finally arrives at his dorm, Sam sees him hanging out with his friends. Some of Charlie’s friends were girls, and normally Sam would be fine with Charlie hanging out with them, but the fact that he was very close to one, who is named Amber, made her freak out. She immediately starts to cry, and runs out of the room. Sam totally misunderstands that Charlie only thinks of Amber as his friend, and actually wants her to be one of his Bigs, since her sorority and his fraternity are very close to each other. Sam’s misunderstanding leads to the two having a huge argument on Twitter.


Charlie and his Big Amber


As a result of their fight, Sam drives home crying.

After some time and some talking, Charlie finally convinces Sam to hear
him out. She does, and, thankfully, their relationship has become better than ever. Both make compromises to each other, with Charlie promising to update Sam on whatever he does and Sam promising to hear Charlie’s side of the story, in order to keep them from unnecessarily fighting with each other. 45654

Our Experience:

Overall, Maddie and I enjoyed creating a young couple who, despite being together for two years and being like other couples, did not fully have it together. The two are still very young, and have not experienced being away from each other, which tested their relationship. Maddie was in charge of making both characters’ Snapchats and Snapchat accounts, while I was in charge of making their Tweets and Twitters. I will admit that creating totally new Twitter accounts for nonexistent people was difficult for me at first, since I do not even have a Twitter myself, but I later got the hang out it. I, in general, have liked to create stories with made up characters ever since I was younger. Transmedia storytelling was definitely different due to the fact that I had to connect people through social media, but making these random connections was actually really fun.

I think I would like to explore Transmedia Storytelling again in the future.

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