Wk10 – Activity – Game Design


For this week’s activity, the class of Art 110 had to explore the mobile application, Geocache. Geocache is basically a scavenger hunt, but with the help of a mobile device. Users can find items and other users hide, and vice versa. The application pinpoints where the closet geocache is hidden near one’s location, and can also say the difficulty of finding the item and the type of terrain near it. A logbook is kept on the application and can be found in the geocache as well, showing who has previously found the item.

With the help of my friend Karen, I completed the activity two days ago. It was the middle of the day, and since I live in the dorms on campus, I checked which geocache was the closest. I did not want to voyage on campus, so I decided to venture to the one in a neighborhood nearby, named Hole in a Tree. I was very excited to start our little adventure.20151030_230322031_iOS

Using Google Maps on my phone, Karen and I walked to the neighborhood. The only thing that was weird was that the GPS was telling us to cross a street that led into a wall. We did not 20151030_230517038_iOSunderstand why it was taking us there, since there were no actual entrances to the neighborhood pas the wall, so we decided to jump it. On the other side, we found a really nice neighborhood with big houses and luscious trees. I had never been past the wall, and was amazed
that Long Beach even had a neighborhood that looked like this, which was just across campus. 20151030_230746123_iOS

The GPS led us deeper into the neighborhood, and after some time, and constant looking at 20151030_230755732_iOSwhich tree was the one, we found the geocache! It was a small Altoids can hung by a nail in the hole of a tree. I opened the small can and found the log, and was surprised that a lot of people had found the can before. I was very excited to trade an item, but there was literally only one this left, which was little green stretchy handcuffs. I wrote my name in the log, and left the geocache where I found it.

20151030_230840543_iOS     20151030_230855949_iOS

The next part of the activity was to hide my own geocache. Karen and I went through a very long process to find a great place that was not within other geocaches or red 20151030_232000409_iOScircles that restricted us to do so. After some time, we thankfully found a 20151030_231950043_iOSgreat place to hide my Altoids can, and hopefully others find finding the can enjoyable as well.

Overall, I had a great time completing this activity. I felt like I was in an actual scavenger hunt, and was led to places I had never been to before. I will admit that finding the geocache was so much easier than hiding one because of the long process one has to go to register it online. In the end, I really enjoyed this activity, and learned that it’s never too late to learn about the place one is in or inhabits.

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