Wk10 – Artist Conversation – Valentina Moeur


20151029_182842271_iOSFor this week’s artist conversation, I had the pleasure of speaking with the down-to-earth and talented Valentina Moeur. Her show is exhibited in the Gatov Gallery West, and is named “Mysterium.”20151029_182623755_iOSWhen walking into the gallery, I was automatically intrigued. An array of 20151029_182750412_iOSwooden desks and tables filled the room, either holding little metal works and jewelry or other mystical items, which fit the name of the gallery entirely. Some of the tables even had the classic Ouija board design on them. Many glass items 20151029_182707996_iOSheld little trinkets in them, and there were also cupboards that held little bottles, with what seemed to be colored glass, which I found out later to be enamel. Tree branches were also displayed, along with a table with tarot cards. Besides these 20151029_182712434_iOSpieces, a couch and table were in the corner of 20151029_182816392_iOSthe room, which I thought was a very nice touch to the gallery. Right next to the couch, music was playing, which the artist explained after was a Russian man getting people ready for a seance.


The artist, Valentina Moeur, who has been studying at CSULB for three years now and is working towards her BFA, said that her gallery was inspired by mystical things, spirituality, the unseen world, and natural feelings. Overall, Valentina works with the theme of the mystical realm in all of her works, and through her gallery, she wanted people to feel like they were walking into another world, especially one that there are not entirely comfortable with. Valentina said that she owns all the furniture, and either got them from friends or from a thrift store. Being a Metals (3D Media) major, she made all of the jewelry and metal works, which took her took her three years to make.

Besides her jewelry work, Valentina is from Southern California, but moved to Seattle for awhile, and then moved back down. She was not really big with college, but went back to school in 2004 to learn how to paint and draw. At El Camino College, she tried out different art classes, and one day went to a show, which made her decide to entirely get into jewelry. She has been making jewelry ever since. Currently, Valentina has been keeping all her works, in order to put them all into a big show, displaying everything.

Personally, I related to Valentina’s gallery because I feel like I am a very spiritual person. I was raised Catholic, but I will admit that I have become more spiritual over the years. I do believe in the paranormal, but I would not mess with a Ouija board. There are too many things that cannot be explained, so there has to be more than meets the eye.

Overall, I really enjoyed Valentina’s work and getting to know her. I felt like her gallery was complete and really comfortable in it, compared to others. I hope to see more work from her in the future!


Valentina is the one between me and my friend Maddie

To see more of Valentina’s work and works in progress. check out her website! http://valentinavioletdesigns.com/

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