Wk11 – Activity – Fiber Art


For this week’s activity, the class of Art 110 had to explore the world of fiber art by making wall hangings. Fiber art is art made of natural and synthetic fibers, like yarn or fabric. Countless techniques are used in the field of fiber art, like quilting, embroidery, weaving, and crocheting. For my activity, I used an old t shirt, and decided to cut it up and see where the fabric took me.

When I finally knew what I wanted to do, I searched for a Youtube video tutorial on how to make cut out t-shirts. After searching for awhile, I decided to watch a video on how to make a braided racer back tank top. I was at my cousin’s house at the time, so I asked him if he had a t-shirt he was not going to use anymore.20151107_071611998_iOS

20151107_072545627_iOSOnce he gives me the shirt, I follow the video and cut off the sleeves. I then cut the back of the shirt to have a racer back style, and then cut the back into two different pieces, separating the collar and the rest of the back. I then cut the back into three pieces, and then braid these pieces. I tie the braid with a piece of the shirt that I cut off earlier.
20151107_082819427_iOS 20151107_083336360_iOS

I felt like my t-shirt cut out was still incomplete, so I decided to cut the bottom of the shirt into strips, and then braided the strips together. I was not sure where my design was headed, so I decided to end my fiber art activity. Here’s the final product:                                                         20151107_104754255_iOS 20151107_104757919_iOS

Overall, I enjoyed making my wall hanging. I learned how to make a racer back tank top, and how to braid t-shirt material together. I have always wanted to do some cut-out DIY work, but have never gotten the chance to due to school and my busy schedule. Thankfully, this class gave me an outlet to try this medium. I will admit that cutting the shirt into even pieces was the most difficult part since I did not have sharp scissors. Despite that fact, I still had a good time.

In general, this activity made me realize that art can be made out of anything. I can literally make fiber art out of any type of clothing that is in my closet! The only thing I really need is sharp scissors. Besides the limitless material options, I learned that it takes a lot of time and patience to make fiber art. I have found a new appreciation for fiber artists and their work, and will most likely get into the medium again in the future.

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