About Me


Hi, my name is Jackie Bautista, and I am a huge fan of the writer/director Quentin Tarantino. The first Tarantino film I ever watched was Kill Bill: Vol. 1. I was still pretty young when I watched the movie, but something about the pace and cinematography intrigued me to Tarantino’s film making enormously. Yet, despite watching Kill Bill: Vol. 1 first, my favorite film of his, of all time, has to be Pulp Fiction. The writing and dialogue in the movie are so clever, and the way the three different types of stories weaved together was made intricately and incredibly. I first watched Pulp Fiction fully about three years ago, while on a trip to Big Bear for the New Year’s holiday. After watching this movie at the age of sixteen, alongside taking a Video Production class in high school, I became immersed in seeing all of Tarantino’s creations. As of now, I have seen most of his films, from one of his first being Reservoir Dogs to his recent one, Django Unchained. Besides his works, I am very excited to see his newest film, The Hateful Eight.

Overall, I am simply a girl who loves to watch and blog about Quentin Tarantino films. Welcome!


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