Wk12 – Artist Conversation – Christopher Linquata



For this week’s artist conversation, I had the pleasure of speaking with the talented and detailed Christopher Linquata. He and another artist, Mike, collaborated ideas and created a show is called “Sacred & Profane.” Christopher’s art is displayed in the Max L. Gatov Gallery West.

20151112_191048471_iOSWhen walking into the gallery, four large paintings are hung on the walls, while small three painted panels are laid on a shelf. Each painting had a background of a beach that contained ruins in it. Besides the constant background, familiar faces were in each painting, especially the artist’s. Seeing Christopher in each painting intrigued me enormously, considering that he and others were doing very specific actions in some paintings. I needed to find out what his art was about.

The artist, Christopher Linquata, a representational drawing/painting major who is in his last semester at CSULB, said his acrylic paintings were based off sacred and religious scenes. He, in general, paints theological scenes, and, interestingly, used to be a religious icon major. 20151112_190957186_iOSEach painting is based off of either a religious or classical scene. One of the paintings was his version of Jesus praying in the Garden of Gethsemane, with Christopher being Jesus, while another was that representing when 20151112_191020413_iOSHercules was killed by his father, again with the artist being the main character. Besides being inspired by theological and sacred scenes, Christopher is also inspired by nature and by the artist Piero Della Francesca. The three panels he painted, which is a portrait of him, his wife, and son, were actually references to Francesca’s style. Alongside his inspirations, Christopher’s backgrounds were that of real places. He chose to paint the scenery of
the ruins in San Pedro, and also shared that he knows each person personally that he painted in each painting. It took Christopher ten months to complete all of his paintings. 20151112_191013934_iOS

Besides his art in the gallery, Christopher, who is from Los Angeles, has been drawing his whole life. He later plans/wants to be a selling artist, and 20151112_191042094_iOSpossibly become a teacher.

Personally, I really enjoyed Christopher’s work, and how he made modern versions of classical and religious scenes. Being raised Catholic and a product of Catholic school, I was very familiar to these scenes. Each brought back a memory of what I studied before, and left me to be a little nostalgic.

Overall, Christopher’s art left a great impression on me, and I hope to see more of his work in the future!


To see more of Christopher’s work and works in progress check out his Facebook and Instagram.


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