Wk13 – Classmate Conversation – Julia Hodgdon



For this week’s classmate conversation, I had the pleasure in meeting Julia Hodgdon. She is a second year Pre-Social Work major, who wants to work with kids or in gerontology in the future. Julia said that she could either work in prisons, as a counselor, or have her own private practice. She also told me that her mom is actually a social worker in a prison. More about her family, she has one older brother, who is twenty-one years old, and a younger sister who is seventeen. Since she was a middle child, I asked her how it was, and she replied saying that she is expected to be good, not be the problem child, and that she does not get as much attention, but she said she was cool with that. Besides being the middle child, I asked her if her sister looks like her, since I have a theory that the eldest child looks like the mom, the second child looks like the dad, and the youngest looks like the second child the most. Yet, my theory did not work with her family, since her younger sister was adopted. I then asked where she is from, and Julia replied saying that she is from the Pasadena area. I asked her if CSULB was her first choice, and she said that she wanted to go to SDSU or Santa Cruz at first. Unfortunately, she did not connect with the campus. Luckily, CSULB was closer to home, which was great since it was easier for her to travel home, and exuded a feel that she really liked, thus why she studies here. Some of Julia’s hobbies are finding and listening to new music, hanging out with friends, going on adventures since she is down to do anything, going to concerts, and eating. For now, pizza is her favorite food since it is always something good to eat. I asked her if she was a dog or cat person, and she replied saying that she is a cat person, and has two cats, one dog, and one huge tortoise that eats a lot. I then asked her what kind of music she likes, and Julia replied saying that she likes indie music and a little bit of EDM the most, but she can actually listen to mostly everything, except country. As for concerts, she recently went to the Outsidelands music festival in San Francisco.

For the question of the day, regarding our view of art before and after the class, Julia answered saying that she just thought art was just paintings and pictures. Now, she believes that art can be anything with meaning in a creative form.

It was really cool meeting Julia, and since she lives in the dorms too, I hope to talk to her more in the future! To see what she’s up to, click the link! https://juliahodgdon.wordpress.com/



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