Wk11 – Classmate Conversation – Courtney Sakuma


20151105_191808520_iOSFor this week’s classmate conversation, I had the pleasure of meeting and speaking with Courtney Sakuma. She’s a third year Civil Engineering major, who would like to go into structural engineering. Courtney is from Long Beach and enjoys reading, running, watching Netflix, and eating. She especially loves to eat Asian, like ramen, sushi, and Korean Barbeque, and Mexican food. Courtney is Japanese, and has not visited Japan since she was twelve years old. She has a younger brother, and he is currently a first year at CSULB. Courtney went to Cypress High School, and chose to go to CSULB because it is close and cheaper than going to school up north or out of the state. I asked her if she is a dog or cat person, and she answered saying that she prefers dogs over cats since she is essentially allergic to cats. Courtney would like to have a dog, but he mom does not particularly like them. Besides dogs, Courtney likes the show Friends, and has recently become obsessed with the show Criminal Minds. In ten years, she hopes to have a full time job and her own place.

Regarding the question of the day, which revolved around tattoos, Courtney said that she does consider tattoos to be art. She also thinks that it would be cooler if one helps design his or her tattoo, but, at the same time, it is fine for that same person to pick the design from a book. As for her getting a tattoo, Courtney admits that she probably will not get one since she is afraid of needles, does not know what to get.

It was really cool meeting Courtney, and I hope I get to talk to her more in the future! To see what she is up to, click the link! https://courtneysakuma.wordpress.com/


Wk11 – Artist Conversation – Kathy Yoon


For this week’s artist conversation, I had the pleasure of speaking with the talented and creative Kathy Yoon. Her show is displayed in the Dr. Maxine Merlino Gallery, and is called “So Many Me’s.”

20151105_192446043_iOS       20151105_192540779_iOS

When walking into the small gallery, small white figures lay in the middle 20151105_192528536_iOSof the room. The figures look small and cute, either having red, white, or black button eyes, but something about them is not as whimsical as they seem. Each figure is different, but all of them appear to have a common theme: sadness. Despite their cute appearances, each white 20151105_192547462_iOSperson seems to have something wrong happening to them. One of the figures is shown to be sad in the fetal position, while another is looking up sadly at the ceiling to what looks like a lost red doll (which happens to be my favorite piece in the gallery). Others appear happy, but something about them is not entirely right. From viewing the pieces, I was immediately intrigued.


The artist, Kathy Yoon, a Ceramics major who is currently in her last semester at CSULB, said that her artworks were inspired by her own experiences in life. Also, in her figures that were made of porcelain clay, white rose clay, under glaze, and some yarn, Kathy wanted to portray the emotions of sadness, depression, silliness, playfulness, and frustration. She also wanted people to get a sense of who the artist was (her), and to relate to the different pieces. Kathy started the project about one year 20151105_192519557_iOSago, and it took about two to three weeks to make each figure. When asked which was her favorite piece, Kathy answered that the one holding the red balloon in the corner was the figure she related to the most.

Besides working with ceramics, Kathy, who is a Garden Grove native, said that she wants to go into character design and to work with animation/entertainment studios. Despite going into another field besides ceramic, she would still like to continue to make her own art and display them in galleries. As for her art origins, Kathy has always been interested in art, ever since she was a child. When she went to college, at Cypress college, she took basic drawing classes, and loved it. Yet, when she took a ceramics class, she was hooked. Kathy especially loved making objects out of clay because she loved being able to make 3D art, instead of that which was flat and two dimensional.

Personally, I related to Kathy’s gallery enormously because it portrayed real life. Not everything is rainbows and butterflies, and even when everything looks fine, nothing is really as it seems. Cute things can be depressed sometimes, while the happiest can be the saddest. Besides being based off of reality, I really enjoyed Kathy’s art style because it reminds of Tim Burton’s style, which she admires as well.

Well, I really liked Kathy’s gallery and I hope to see more work from her in the future!


To see more of Kathy’s work and works in progress, check out her instagram: kathy.c.yoon

Wk11 – Activity – Fiber Art


For this week’s activity, the class of Art 110 had to explore the world of fiber art by making wall hangings. Fiber art is art made of natural and synthetic fibers, like yarn or fabric. Countless techniques are used in the field of fiber art, like quilting, embroidery, weaving, and crocheting. For my activity, I used an old t shirt, and decided to cut it up and see where the fabric took me.

When I finally knew what I wanted to do, I searched for a Youtube video tutorial on how to make cut out t-shirts. After searching for awhile, I decided to watch a video on how to make a braided racer back tank top. I was at my cousin’s house at the time, so I asked him if he had a t-shirt he was not going to use anymore.20151107_071611998_iOS

20151107_072545627_iOSOnce he gives me the shirt, I follow the video and cut off the sleeves. I then cut the back of the shirt to have a racer back style, and then cut the back into two different pieces, separating the collar and the rest of the back. I then cut the back into three pieces, and then braid these pieces. I tie the braid with a piece of the shirt that I cut off earlier.
20151107_082819427_iOS 20151107_083336360_iOS

I felt like my t-shirt cut out was still incomplete, so I decided to cut the bottom of the shirt into strips, and then braided the strips together. I was not sure where my design was headed, so I decided to end my fiber art activity. Here’s the final product:                                                         20151107_104754255_iOS 20151107_104757919_iOS

Overall, I enjoyed making my wall hanging. I learned how to make a racer back tank top, and how to braid t-shirt material together. I have always wanted to do some cut-out DIY work, but have never gotten the chance to due to school and my busy schedule. Thankfully, this class gave me an outlet to try this medium. I will admit that cutting the shirt into even pieces was the most difficult part since I did not have sharp scissors. Despite that fact, I still had a good time.

In general, this activity made me realize that art can be made out of anything. I can literally make fiber art out of any type of clothing that is in my closet! The only thing I really need is sharp scissors. Besides the limitless material options, I learned that it takes a lot of time and patience to make fiber art. I have found a new appreciation for fiber artists and their work, and will most likely get into the medium again in the future.

Wk10 – Classmate Conversation – Diana Nguyen



For this week’s classmate conversation, I had the pleasure to meet Diana Nguyen. She is a third year Electrical Engineering major, who is not really sure of what she wants to do yet. Diana is originally from Bakersfield, but she lives with her aunt in Garden Grove. Diana enjoys reading and watching Netflix. She even admitted that these are her favorite things to do because school takes over her life. Diana has a one younger brother, who is twelve years old, and also admits to fitting into the older sibling stereotype. Diana likes both cats and dogs, but says she is a cat person. She said that she does not necessarily  have a favorite food, but she really likes to eat crawfish. I asked her what she sees herself doing in ten years, and she says she can see herself working in an office. I then asked her what she was going to do for Halloween, and she said said nothing in particular because her bother thinks he is too cool for the holiday.

When I asked her the question of the day, which asked if she could visit any country in the world, where would she go and why, Diana answered that before, she would have wanted to go to Japan or Asia. Yet, now, she would really like to go visit Europe because she hasn’t been there yet.

It was really cool meeting Diana, and I hope to talk to her more in the future! To see what she’s up to, click the link! http://dianadnguyen.com/

Wk10 – Artist Conversation – Valentina Moeur


20151029_182842271_iOSFor this week’s artist conversation, I had the pleasure of speaking with the down-to-earth and talented Valentina Moeur. Her show is exhibited in the Gatov Gallery West, and is named “Mysterium.”20151029_182623755_iOSWhen walking into the gallery, I was automatically intrigued. An array of 20151029_182750412_iOSwooden desks and tables filled the room, either holding little metal works and jewelry or other mystical items, which fit the name of the gallery entirely. Some of the tables even had the classic Ouija board design on them. Many glass items 20151029_182707996_iOSheld little trinkets in them, and there were also cupboards that held little bottles, with what seemed to be colored glass, which I found out later to be enamel. Tree branches were also displayed, along with a table with tarot cards. Besides these 20151029_182712434_iOSpieces, a couch and table were in the corner of 20151029_182816392_iOSthe room, which I thought was a very nice touch to the gallery. Right next to the couch, music was playing, which the artist explained after was a Russian man getting people ready for a seance.


The artist, Valentina Moeur, who has been studying at CSULB for three years now and is working towards her BFA, said that her gallery was inspired by mystical things, spirituality, the unseen world, and natural feelings. Overall, Valentina works with the theme of the mystical realm in all of her works, and through her gallery, she wanted people to feel like they were walking into another world, especially one that there are not entirely comfortable with. Valentina said that she owns all the furniture, and either got them from friends or from a thrift store. Being a Metals (3D Media) major, she made all of the jewelry and metal works, which took her took her three years to make.

Besides her jewelry work, Valentina is from Southern California, but moved to Seattle for awhile, and then moved back down. She was not really big with college, but went back to school in 2004 to learn how to paint and draw. At El Camino College, she tried out different art classes, and one day went to a show, which made her decide to entirely get into jewelry. She has been making jewelry ever since. Currently, Valentina has been keeping all her works, in order to put them all into a big show, displaying everything.

Personally, I related to Valentina’s gallery because I feel like I am a very spiritual person. I was raised Catholic, but I will admit that I have become more spiritual over the years. I do believe in the paranormal, but I would not mess with a Ouija board. There are too many things that cannot be explained, so there has to be more than meets the eye.

Overall, I really enjoyed Valentina’s work and getting to know her. I felt like her gallery was complete and really comfortable in it, compared to others. I hope to see more work from her in the future!


Valentina is the one between me and my friend Maddie

To see more of Valentina’s work and works in progress. check out her website! http://valentinavioletdesigns.com/

Wk10 – Activity – Game Design


For this week’s activity, the class of Art 110 had to explore the mobile application, Geocache. Geocache is basically a scavenger hunt, but with the help of a mobile device. Users can find items and other users hide, and vice versa. The application pinpoints where the closet geocache is hidden near one’s location, and can also say the difficulty of finding the item and the type of terrain near it. A logbook is kept on the application and can be found in the geocache as well, showing who has previously found the item.

With the help of my friend Karen, I completed the activity two days ago. It was the middle of the day, and since I live in the dorms on campus, I checked which geocache was the closest. I did not want to voyage on campus, so I decided to venture to the one in a neighborhood nearby, named Hole in a Tree. I was very excited to start our little adventure.20151030_230322031_iOS

Using Google Maps on my phone, Karen and I walked to the neighborhood. The only thing that was weird was that the GPS was telling us to cross a street that led into a wall. We did not 20151030_230517038_iOSunderstand why it was taking us there, since there were no actual entrances to the neighborhood pas the wall, so we decided to jump it. On the other side, we found a really nice neighborhood with big houses and luscious trees. I had never been past the wall, and was amazed
that Long Beach even had a neighborhood that looked like this, which was just across campus. 20151030_230746123_iOS

The GPS led us deeper into the neighborhood, and after some time, and constant looking at 20151030_230755732_iOSwhich tree was the one, we found the geocache! It was a small Altoids can hung by a nail in the hole of a tree. I opened the small can and found the log, and was surprised that a lot of people had found the can before. I was very excited to trade an item, but there was literally only one this left, which was little green stretchy handcuffs. I wrote my name in the log, and left the geocache where I found it.

20151030_230840543_iOS     20151030_230855949_iOS

The next part of the activity was to hide my own geocache. Karen and I went through a very long process to find a great place that was not within other geocaches or red 20151030_232000409_iOScircles that restricted us to do so. After some time, we thankfully found a 20151030_231950043_iOSgreat place to hide my Altoids can, and hopefully others find finding the can enjoyable as well.

Overall, I had a great time completing this activity. I felt like I was in an actual scavenger hunt, and was led to places I had never been to before. I will admit that finding the geocache was so much easier than hiding one because of the long process one has to go to register it online. In the end, I really enjoyed this activity, and learned that it’s never too late to learn about the place one is in or inhabits.

Wk9 – Classmate Conversation – Albert Haddad


20151022_183631973_iOSFor this week’s classmate conversation, I had the pleasure of meeting Albert Haddad. He is a first year Civil Engineering major, who plans to work for Metro. Albert is from Sherman Oaks, California, which is actually very close to where I am from. His hobbies include eating, hanging out with friends, hanging out with his girlfriend, cooking, eating at restaurants, and hiking. He has one older sister who is two years older, and attends California State University Northridge. I asked Albert why he didn’t attend CSUN and he replied saying that he really likes what CSULB has to offer and would have seen everyone that he knows over there, which is also a reason why I did not go to CSUN as well. I asked him if he was a dog or cat person, and he replied saying that he is a dog person and has a cute Maltipoo mix. Albert sees himself in ten years slowly getting his career started and being in a relationship. I have actually seen Albert around my building in the dorms, and it turned out that we actually live in the same building and floor!

When I asked him the question of the day, Albert answered saying that his favorite type of artwork is abstract art because there are no rules and the fact that it is open to any interpretation.

It was really nice meeting Albert, and I hope to talk to him in the future! To see what he’s up to, check out his website! https://alberthaddadwordpresscom.wordpress.com/

Wk9 – Artist Conversation – Maccabee Shelley


For this week’s artist conversation, I had the pleasure of speaking with the very talented and insightful Maccabee Shelley. His show is exhibited in the Max L. Gatov Gallery West, and is called “Fragile Nature.”

20151022_180230013_iOSStepping into the gallery, I was automatically intrigued! Art pieces were made with different types of materials, like glass, plaster, and ceramics, which were fused together. These items had beautiful colors painted on them by acrylic paint, that I believe complemented the pieces nicely. Along with this fused glass, there were also random items in Maccabee’s 20151022_180221647_iOSartworks, which he found at thrift stores, garage sales, or dumpsters, like suitcases, books, or little figurines that would probably be found in my house. The suitcases usually held the artworks on top of it, while the smaller items were placed on his artworks. My favorite piece in the gallery was the one that contained drips of colored glass that dripped upwards, rather than the usual downwards.


20151022_180308705_iOSThe artist, Maccabee Shelley, who is on his fourth semester at CSULB, said that he didn’t necessarily have inspiration for his gallery, but admits that the head of the art department at CSULB, Tony Marsh, inspired him to become the successful artist he is today. Growing up in 20151022_180242818_iOS   Los Angeles, as a child, Maccabee has always been interested in science. He also liked to take things apart. He later went to Humboldt State University, majoring in Environmental Science, but after continuously taking art classes each semester, gradually moved from his previous major to art. He earned his BA in studio art and minored in art history, and has been making ceramics for about nine years, while being a full time artist for about five years now. Maccabee admits that he overproduces his pieces, and lays them out strategically, especially since he said that he has lived his life like a chess game.

I really like Maccabee’s artwork and love the concept of how he would fuse and place items next to each other that did not necessarily fit together. The pieces introduce the viewers to open their minds into a different perspective, which not many people can do. I believe that people should always keep their minds open, because if too narrow, I do not think that they will experience life to its fullest.

Maccabee was very insightful and I hope to see more of his work in the future! 20151022_182413792_iOS

To see his current works, check out his website! http://www.maccabeeshelley.com/

Wk9 – Activity – Transmedia Storytelling


For this week’s activity, the class of Art 110 had to explore the world of Transmedia Storytelling. Transmedia Storytelling is basically telling a story or experience over multiple platforms and formats, like over different books, events, movies, and websites. I worked with my friend Maddie for this activity, and we decided to create our characters, Charlie and Sam.

Character Analysis: Charlie Greenchaaaarlie

Charlie Green is a regular 18 year old guy, starting his first year of college at University of California Santa Barbara. He is from Laguna Beach, California and had been with his girlfriend Sam for about two years. Due to his love of science, Charlie chose to major in Bio Chemistry. He was a very good student during high school, and actually graduated at the top five percentile of his senior class. Charlie wanted to get the most of his first year of college and joined a fraternity. He is having a great time and is glad that he
went to college in Santa Barbara.

img_7396 (1)  img_7398

Character Analysis: Samantha Robertsonsr

Samantha Robertson, also known as Sam, is an ordinary seventeen year old girl, who is a senior at Laguna Beach High School. She has been in a relationship with her boyfriend, Charlie, for about two years, and is deeply in love with him. Sam cares about Charlie a lot, and can come off as protective, and a bit obsessive. After high school, Sam is also an excellent student and would also like to get into UCSB, majoring in International Business. Besides Charlie, Sam loves the season Autumn, Starbucks, and shopping.

img_7411  img_7373

Their Story:sandc

Since Charlie’s move to Santa Barbara after graduating high school, Sam has become more protective over her boyfriend. She is very happy that Charlie was accepted into a good school, but is sad that she would not be able to see him as often as she did before. The two of them tend to get into fights over the smallest things, which overall hurts their relationship. With her over-protectiveness over her boyfriend and the fact that he moved away from her, Sam consistently monitors over Charlie’s social media accounts, like Snapchat and Twitter.img_7400

One night, Sam has the idea to visit Charlie in Santa Barbara. She drives three hours to see him, and when she finally arrives at his dorm, Sam sees him hanging out with his friends. Some of Charlie’s friends were girls, and normally Sam would be fine with Charlie hanging out with them, but the fact that he was very close to one, who is named Amber, made her freak out. She immediately starts to cry, and runs out of the room. Sam totally misunderstands that Charlie only thinks of Amber as his friend, and actually wants her to be one of his Bigs, since her sorority and his fraternity are very close to each other. Sam’s misunderstanding leads to the two having a huge argument on Twitter.


Charlie and his Big Amber


As a result of their fight, Sam drives home crying.

After some time and some talking, Charlie finally convinces Sam to hear
him out. She does, and, thankfully, their relationship has become better than ever. Both make compromises to each other, with Charlie promising to update Sam on whatever he does and Sam promising to hear Charlie’s side of the story, in order to keep them from unnecessarily fighting with each other. 45654

Our Experience:

Overall, Maddie and I enjoyed creating a young couple who, despite being together for two years and being like other couples, did not fully have it together. The two are still very young, and have not experienced being away from each other, which tested their relationship. Maddie was in charge of making both characters’ Snapchats and Snapchat accounts, while I was in charge of making their Tweets and Twitters. I will admit that creating totally new Twitter accounts for nonexistent people was difficult for me at first, since I do not even have a Twitter myself, but I later got the hang out it. I, in general, have liked to create stories with made up characters ever since I was younger. Transmedia storytelling was definitely different due to the fact that I had to connect people through social media, but making these random connections was actually really fun.

I think I would like to explore Transmedia Storytelling again in the future.

Wk8 – Classmate Conversation – Adrian Caluya


20151015_184402609_iOSThis past Thursday, I had the pleasure of meeting Adrian Caluya. He is a fifth year Electrical Engineering major, who is interning in Irvine. After graduating this year, he plans on finding a job in audio. Adrian is Filipino, from Stockton, and moved to Long Beach about five years ago. He actually lived in the dorms for his first year of college, and now lives in an apartment. I asked him what he likes to do for fun, and he answered saying that he likes to skateboard and play the guitar. I also found out that he likes to go to concerts and musical festivals as well when we talked about our experiences watching Kanye West at the FYF music festival. His favorite food is sandwiches, especially from a place in Northern California called Ike’s Place. I asked what kind of sandwiches they are and Adrian replied saying that they are kind of like the packed delicious sandwiches of Fat Sal’s, but, in a sense, more of a craft sandwich. We ended up talking about why we chose our majors, and Adrian replied saying that he became an engineering major because he enjoys understanding how things work. I then asked if he was a dog or cat person, and he answered saying that he likes both, but is more of a dog person. Interestingly enough, he does own a cat in his apartment since dogs are not allowed there. His favorite type of dog is the wiener dog.

When asked the question of the day regarding which art from any of the galleries reminds you of something, Adrian answered that the pottery art, which was in the Gatov Gallery West, reminded him of the pottery that is in the Hercules movie.

Well, it was really cool meeting Adrian and I hope I get to talk to him again in the future!

If you want to check out Adrian’s website, click the link! https://adriancaluya.wordpress.com/