Wk13 – Classmate Conversation –Madeline Perez



For this week’s classmate conversation, I had the pleasure of interviewing one of my best friends, Madeline Perez, aka Maddie. Maddie and I have known each other for about a year now, but I don’t necessarily know everything about her, so I decided to interview her. Maddie is a second year Hospitality Major, who wants to be an event planner in the future. Her birthday is August 2, 1996, and her favorite colors are pink and deep reds. She has two siblings, Alex (23) and Natalie (21), and commutes from Whittier, CA to CSULB. Maddie is definitely as dog person, who wants and loves corgis. Her favorite food, right now, is Korean Barbeque. I asked her what she likes to do, and Maddie likes to hangout out with her boyfriend, Michael, friends, and family, especially her grandmother. She also likes to eat, work at Lush, play with animals, sing, and watch Friends. In ten years, she hopes that she is married and maybe has kids. She also hopes that she is a successful event planner, who has a corgi, a pug, and her own place.

For the question of the week, which asks which type of art has impacted our lives, Maddie said that music has made a great impact on her life. She said her dad would play old music around the house, which is why she loves older type of music, like artists the Cure and David Bowie. Maddie remembers going to Ikea a lot and listening to a lot of different music with her dad and siblings after her mom’s passing. Music is very special to Maddie and her favorite music artist right now is Regina Spektor.

It was really nice finding out things I did not know about Maddie before this interview, and I hope we continue being such great friends for years to come!

Shout out to the real one!

If you want to see what Maddie’s up to, click the link! https://madsmariees.wordpress.com/



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