Wk3 – Classmate Conversation – Toni Abad


20150910_185912132_iOSThis past Thursday, besides having my first conversation with an artist, I also made a new friend in my Art 110 class! Her name is Toni Abad, a second year college student, like myself, and her major is Psychology. I learned that she is from Fountain Valley, and is very close to her family, especially her grandmother. We first talked about our views on art and agreed that judging what makes a project considered art is subjective, and that a craft is art when one’s heart, soul, and creative side are used in making it. We then talked about school and I asked why she chose CSULB. She answered by telling me that she does not like being away from her family and has separation anxiety. Besides school choices, we talked about how college both made us a little bit more outgoing.  Toni especially became more outgoing through working at Trader Joe’s, since she has to work at the cash register and have random conversations with customers she attends to.

Other facts I learned about Toni were that she is Mexican, and that her last name is Spanish, despite it sounding otherwise. Also, she loves to play soccer. She first started to play the sport in ASO club, and continued to play it in high school, until her junior year. Despite stopping then, she is continuing to play the sport in college, through an adult league. Toni also loves to read books, and her favorite book as of now is the Hunger Games. And like me, she has to read the book before it becomes a movie. Lastly, I asked if she is enjoying Art 110, and she replied saying she does because it is a lot of fun, different from our other classes, and not like an art history class.

Overall, I had a great time getting to know Toni, and I hope to see her soon in class or on campus!

If you want to check out her website, click the link!  https://tonimabad.wordpress.com/ 

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